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Vaccination of fish would be gradually exercised, not just on plain water fish but also salt-water fish. The vibrio vaccine which was normally used for plain water, could also be applied on salt water fish in case of emergency
Vaccine for salt water fish was needed as the price kept increasing. Some of the widely consumed sea water fish which must be vaccinated were among other krapu, kakap and bawal bintang. “Vaccination for salt water fish is necessary and it will be exercised soon” the Director General of Fish Nursery [DJBP], Ministry of KKP Slamet Soebiyakto, disclosed to Business News [9/7].
DJBP had sooner proclaimed the Fish Vaccination Campaign [Gervikan] to cultivators in many regions. The application of this vaccine was an effort to run industrialization of fish cultivation. DJBP had launched 3 types in Bandung sometime ago.
“We are moving in the direction of salt-water fish vaccination.” Slamet remarked.
Fish quality turned better by vaccination. Various ideases including those og virus VNN, KHV, and Vibrio could be epidemic, so the Three viruses were the target of Gervikan. Plain water fish like lele eels, Gurame etc including Gervikan targets were cultivated by the people. “If selling price rose high, but disease infected after rearing it would disadvantage cultivation business. The main of Gervikan was to minimize rearers’ lost level.
The epidemy originating from VNN viruses once attacked Krapu fish. And there was the infection of iridovirus, and Vibrio virus. The DJPB of KKP could concentrate on troubleshooting three virus types which threaten any minute. But ideally, DJPB added 2 more Vaccines “Five vaccines combined into one to fight the existing disease. Virus was much relied on to minimize use of antibiotics.”
DJPB learned from the experience of Norway in building fishery and cultivating industry. In the 1960’s fishery industry in Norway was not as advanced as that in Chile, South America. At the time, Salmon cultivating technology in Norway was not as advanced as now. Many Norwegian people learned fishery techniques from Chile. One of the successful fishery application techniques in Norway was vaccination of Salmon fish. “At that time there was fish disease problem in Norway, so they stated to set up zoning, and the result was outstanding. Fish production in Norway, especially Salmon, increased remarkably” Slamet said.
Vaccination had the effect of reducing dangerous residue which was dangerous to the environment. Vaccine, while preventing disease, could also increase fish production output because the fish which had been vaccinated had their appetite increased. “In principle, we are trying hard to step up fish vaccination. Excessive volume of vaccine was not even dangerous” Slamet remarked.
In a different location, the Directorate General of Fish Procession and Marketing [P2HP] saw that fish consumption could step up a child’s intelligent level in his first thousand day of life. [HPK]. Moreover, fish offer many benefits as food. Firstly was easily available for consumers and even as industry, fish could be cultivated on home industry basis in limited quantity. Secondly, fish had fine fibres so they were easily digestible by children. Thirdly, fish contained rich and complex nutrition essential to Man.
For example, fish protein was easily digestible by the human body and could therefore contribute to a child’s growth process. Besides, minerals like Calcium, and Omega 3 was plentiful in fish and other marine products like oyster and shrimp where the content was more than 100 mg/ 100 gram in the edible parts [BDD], way above other food like beef [22mg/100 gram], chicken [19 gram/100 gram] and moreover pork [0mg/100mg].” The Director General of P2HP Saut Hutagalung disclosed to Business News [9/7].
Fish was high protein and healthy food which could fulfill a child’s nutrition need over the golden period, i.e. the first 1,000 days of his life. Fish was also good for expectant mothers, over pregnancy period, and breast feeding period. Therefore the love for Fish campaign was part of commitment by the Ministry of Maritime and Fishery [KKP] aimed at betterment of nutrition in Indonesia.
“Publication of fish consumption enhancement the structurized was through collaboration and partnership with organizations by staging Fish for Ramadhan and Idul Fitri Charity Bazaar 1434 H was expected to educate the people about consuming fish and enable them to buy fish and thereby promote people’s fish consumption” Saut concluded. (SS)     

Business News - July 12,2013       


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