Tuesday, 9 July 2013


The ministry of maritime and fishery [KKP] welcomed private fish readers to apply the national fish logistic system [SLIN] provided it was done by stages, like participating in contest and making proposal. The ministry of KPP would appraise units with the best performance. The SLIN application in some national fishery harbors [PPN] including the one in lamongan east java must be effective and efficient. “    We will challenge them to make a proposal, we will decide which one is good and we will evaluate there strategy. Thereafter we will decide who is qualified to run operations” Saut P. Hutagalung, Director General of fish processing and marketing of KKP disclosed to business news [11/6].
The business strategy must encompass coast for all the activities in PPN; the government would bear part of the expenses, especially, to procure the facilities and infra-structures which could help to enhance ports and fish processing activities. “The important thing is that cost must be thrifty but still effective” Saut was quoted as saying.
SLIN private operators would employ 50 workers including fishery experts. The company must also pay contribution for activities during operations including maintenance of cleanliness, security etc. “We will ask private companies to pay for it; after two or three years then only we can decide which company is qualified to operate SLIN permanently” Saut remarked.
KKP also saw that there was nothing wrong if a private company could run SLIN for decades; but during operations, there should follow the rules stipulated. Especially for PPN in Brondongan and Lamongan, there would be trial and error of SLIN. “We will build a cold storage. Imported fish can be stored there as there are fish processing units. In case of excessive stock they would be kept in cold storage and during off-season the fish would be taken out” Saut said
KKP did not only have to increase production, but also observe the environmental factor including UPI. Provision of clean water, solar lighting, were the two pre conditions of hygiene and good sanitation. Sunbeam must not directly touch the fish. PPN must be able to meet the standard of good hygiene and sanitation. “Drainage, waste water etc must be well managed. In the new location, PPN Brondong would serve as pilot protect in meeting the requirements” Saut concluded. (SS)

Business News - June 14,2013

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