Sunday, 7 July 2013


Parliament plenary session delays making decision on write-off of non-principal receivables of 5 regional drinking water companies (PDAM) worth Rp1, 044 trillion. A number of protests from some members is a consideration to postpone the decision.
In his presentation, Chairman of the house budget committee, Ahmadi Noor Supit, said that write-off of non-principal receivables is aimed at 5 PDAM. The details are: PDAM Semarang Rp272.51 billion, PDAM Bandung Rp252.7 billion, PDAM Palembang Rp160.1 billion, and PDAM Makassar Rp121.3 billion. The budget committee notes that the House of Representatives Commission XI and Commission V should be doing a more intensive supervision. It was stated by Ahmadi when presenting his report on the plenary meeting on Monday (5/20).
The House of Representative Commission and fractions should have understood about account receivables of PDAM, because the decision had been approved by every fraction in commission V and commission XI. However, Ahmadi’s presentation was bombarded by interruptions and members of the House of Representatives asked for the decision to be postponed.
Member of House of Commission XI, Achsanul Qosasi, said that the decision had been made by commission V and commission XI. Write-off of the account receivables is proposed by the government because there is a investment fund Account (Rekening Dana Investasi) in the New Order era. The account receivables written off are interests and penalties, not the principal amount.
An interruption came from member of commission VIII, Nasir Djamil, asking for clarification concerning write-off of the receivables. These receivables cannot directly be written off, maybe the company has engaged in corruption, so there must be an explanation.
Meanwhile, member of commission III, Dimyati Natakusumah, questions the plan on the decision to write-off receivables of the 5 PDAM, and requests that the decision be postponed.
Responding to the request for postponement of the decision, the Chairman of commission V, Laurens Bahang Dama, did not mind. This is because members of parliament did not get the complete documents about the write-off of the receivables. The attachment and the report must be submitted to the members. Specific visits of all members can also be included so that all members can understand.
Responding to various interruptions, Deputy Chairman of the house, Sohibul Iman, who is also the chairperson of the meeting, said that the decision was delayed until the next plenary meeting on Thursday, May 24, 2013 as it waits for the attachment. It should be a lesson for a later date that complete documents should be included in any decision-making.(E)   

Business News - May 24,2013

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