Monday, 8 July 2013


Indonesia’s decision to join the ASEAN Economic Community/AEC 2015 was almost certainty implemented. The government confirmed that there was not a single sector which was not ready to integrate into ASEAN collaboration. With readiness to join the ASEAN community, Indonesia could maximize effort to step up competitiveness at least to be equal to other nations or even forge ahead to take the leadership position.

However, some business people still doubted Indonesia’s readiness to compete in ASEAN free market. One of them was Suryo Bambang Sulisto, Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry [KADIN]. Suryo stated on Tuesday [28/5] he doubted Indonesia’s readiness to compete in AEC 2015.

He saw that so far the government and the business world was not seen to integrate programs for preparation Toward Joining AEC. To face AEC, KADIN was expecting integrative involvement in the process of government’s policy making the way it was exercised in other ASEAN countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. “We are not sure we would be able to compete in the ASEAN Free Market soon” Suryo remarked.

Suryo underscored that Indonesia had to be serious about facing AEC 2015. Moreover, based on data of the World Economy Forum [WEF], Indonesia’s competitiveness was in 55th position in the world in 2008, and moved up to 50th position in the world in 2012. Indonesia was way below Singapore who was in 3rd position, Malaysia 25th and Thailand 38th. In view of the objective of implementation AEC was realization of the ambition included in vision 2020 to integrate economy of ASEAN states by forming a common market and common production base.

Vision 2020 stated that the execution of AEC, member countries must stick to the principles of open market, outward looking, and market-driven economy in accordance with multilateral principles. If AEC were put in affect by end of 2015, ASEAN would be open for free flow of goods, services, investment, capital, and free flow of skilled labor.

He further expected that all stakeholders must consolidate all exiting lines. There should be no perception that Indonesia was only able to control domestic economy; Indonesia must also be able to compete against other countries; for that matter competiveness must be proven by business people and stakeholders.

In that case he felt sure that Indonesia would be able to drive economic in the right direction toward betterment. If all line were running well, surely all distribution of development all over the country would be better and self confidence be built in each respective sectors.

The government was rated as not doing enough illumination internally to the domestic industry. Evidently in a survey of AEC participants, most of the CEO members did not know or understand AEC 2015. If the industry were not armed with knowledge about AEC 2025, it would never be ready. And yet information and illumination was one of the essential matters in industry whereby to be well prepared. Many things must be know by industries in ASEAN states like the role of investments. (SS)         

Business News - May 31, 2013    

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