Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Some Indonesian travel agents were making the best of the momentum of Indonesia-China bilateral collaboration. Many travel agents were already scheming up tourism packages based on religion, culture or recreation. All the tourism packages involved some travel agents in Indonesia. The first group of tourist from China visiting Indonesia would be 20 tourists from the province of Sichuan, China. “There are some Chinese Muslim Organization in Indonesia. One of them is the Indonesian Chinese Muslim Association [PT] led by Anton Medan with whom we collaborate” Roy Wong, a travel agent operators told Business News on Tuesday [11/6].
The tourism package was only one of the broad plan the future to foster Indonesia-China collaboration. The private sector was benefited by the collaboration between the two countries in terms of culture, tourism, or religion. “We will conduct as fast breaking occasion in the Ramadhan fasting month with Chinese Muslims from the province of Sichuan in Ancol Jakarta” Roy Wong was quoted as saying.
The cultural and religious exchange program conducted by Roy could be a role model for inclusive socialization of Chinese people in Indonesia. So far Anton Medan was regarded as representative of Chinese Muslims in Indonesia instead of just and Indonesian citizen of Chinese descendants. Many Indonesian Chinese including those who had become convert [Muallaf] had visited Sichuan. The prospect of tour sales is excellent. The way we plan it, every month there will be Indonesian-China tourism packages being exercised. Buddhist festival was also widely favored” Roy Wong remarked.
Meanwhile the Association of Indonesian Travel Agents [ASITA] admitted there was also plan of selling China’s tourist destinations. ASITA had invited some travel agents in Jakarta to stage a joint marketing forum with China’s travel agents. “They are planning to stage a meeting in Jakarta, not in China. They [the Chinese travel agents] could drum up tourists here, they are very anxious to invite Indonesian tourists to visit China.” Vice Chairman of ASITA, Jongki Adiyasa told Business News on Tuesday [11/6].
ASITA stated that collaboration was prioritized with China’s companies who were already familiar with Indonesia’s market. China’s travel agents would promote various tourist destinations in China which were not found in Indonesia like the Giant Buddhist statue, the Great Wall of China etc which might attract Indonesian tourists to China. “We will coordinate with the Jakarta Board of Tourism. The collaboration program would be on business to business basis not Government-to-Government” Jongki Adiyasaa remarked. (SS) 

Business News - June 14,2013        

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