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PT Dyandra Media International Tbk [DYAN] has distributed dividend worth Rp8.5 billion or equal to Rp2 per share. In their press release received before the press conference held at Thamrin Nine, UOB Building Jakarta [7/6] Liliek Oetama, President Director of DYAN disclosed that 13% of net profit would be allocated as dividend for fiscal year 2012.
The distribution of dividend had been approved at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders [RUPST] Dyandra Media International. Over the past year companies holding the said share code had booked profit of Rp64.9 billion, growing by 35% against annual performance.
The performance was in line with company’s income which grew progressively till up to 69% to become Rp624 billion compared to the years before where the expo segment was the greatest contributor constituting 63%. The company set target to reach Rp1 trillion in 2013.
This company which specialized in meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions [MICE] was confident that growth of return this year would come to 70% or nearly the same as 2012 when increase was posted at 69%.
Liliek stated that company’s income would increase at the nearly the same growth rate as the previous year, around 70 percent. This was thanks to the additional four hotels which were expected to start operations, and the operation of Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center [BNDCC].
The Director of DMI operations Danny Budihiarto added that by operations this target could be reached because of four additional new hotels which were starting to operate and now well underway, and the operation of Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center phase ll which had been expanded for APEC and WTO conventions by end of this year. Developments has started last year and was expected to be completed by July 2013.
Other strategies of PT Dyandra for 2013 was to concentrate effort on event organizing including exhibitions through formation of joint venture companies and international scale organizers: Tarsus group and UBMMG holdings SDN BHD. In addition to that planned to set up a new company PH Dyandra Asmarandana specializing in show business to increase company’s income and profit.”This year we set target to conduct 10 concerts of foreign performers” Danny remarked.
At the moment, Dyandra commanded over four subsidiary companies, i.e. PT Dyandra Promosindo as expo and event organizer, PT Dymall Graha Utama es expo organizer supporter, PT Nusa Dua Indonesia as convention and center en exhibition, PT Graha Multi Multi Utama as hotel business management center.

Capital Budgeting
To realize business expansion this year, the company set budget for capital expenditure worth more than Rp1 trillion. As planned, the fund was meant for the Bali Convention Center and Hotel Center covering 25,000 sq meter worth around Rp500 billion – Rp600.000 billion of capital expansion.
Danny Budhiarto stated that fund for capital expenditure would be spent in the next two years. The fund consisted of income from IPO Rp500 billion, whilst the rest of the need would be obtained from bank’s credit.
Danny said that the fund would not burden company’s performance because debt-to-capital ratio was still small, i.e. less than 1 or 0.6 kal.
Furthermore Securitas in their research report stated that PT Dyandra would suffer without the Indonesia international expo in Bumi Serpong Damai worth Rp2.1 trillion scheduled to be completed in June 2014. Building of a new hotel would absorb budget of Rp300 billion.
Mandiri Securitas in their research report stated that PT Dyandra would suffer without the Indonesia international motor show [IIMS], the greatest automotive expo in Indonesia. Evidently this member company of Gramedia Group suffered net loss of Rp4.6 billion in quarter 2013. IIMS was the greatest contributor to Dyandra’s income and profit. “The expo would only be staged in the second half of this year, so Dyandra’s performance through quarter l dropped” Mandiri Securitas reported.
This year, IIMS would be staged in September 19-23 2013 at JIE Expo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. 35 car dealers selling cars from Japan, America, Europe, Korea, and China would participate in this expo. Normally IIMS was used as a forum for exposing the latest products to tempt affluent car lovers.
In expo and convention business, Mansek believed that APEC and WTO would jack up second phase of Dyandra’s income and profit making. In case of hotel business, Mansek predicted that business performance normally slumped in quarter l because of low season. (SS)

Business News - June 12,2013  

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