Tuesday, 30 July 2013


PT Pertamina [Persero] was ready to play their role to maintain continuity of energy supply for Indonesia by intensive managerial effort.
This was disclosed by the President of Pertamina Karen Agustiawan on the occasion of being speaker at the All Indonesia Editor’s Summit Meeting 2013 held in Nusa Dua, Bali on June 13-14 2013. Karen spoke in a session entitled “To strengthen National Energy Resilience.”
Based on the projection of Indonesia’s percapita income of around USD 12,000 in 2030, Indonesia’s oil consumption by the same year was predicted at 60 million BTU per capital. In their position as the biggest Government-Owned Company [BUMN] in Indonesia, Pertamina would play their active role in determining continuity of energy supply at national and regional level.
By leader ship in oil-gas core business and development of new business lines through diversification of energy resources within the corridors of green business as related to environmental protection, Pertamina was ready to play its important role to ensure continuity of energy supply not just in Indonesia but also in the Asian region” Karen underscored.
Karen further remarked that the endeavors to be made by Pertamina and all the stakeholders was to secure continuity of energy supply till 2030 by way of building strong upstream energy through sound and partnership of mutual benefit with local or foreign counterparts, enhance development of new and renewable energies supportive to Pertamina’s efforts.
Pertamina’s oil-gas production had been posting constant growth in the past 5 years, amidst decline of other KKKS products. With Brigade 200K, through program I/E OR, company’s oil gas production was expected to continue to increase with targeted attainment of 2.2 million barrel equal to oil by 2025.
“To meet public’s and Government’s expectations, Pertamina shall continue to make business expansions at the upstream oil gas industry, so Pertamina would not only be the leader of industry at home but also globally with the aim to strengthen national energy resiliency” Karen remarked.
To develop alternative energy, Pertamina constantly expanded expansion of coal methane gas, shale gas, wastage-based energy in cities, and geo thermal energy. As a company appointed by the Government to develop oil-to-gas energy convertion plan, Pertamina also took the initiative to build infra-structure for gas industry in Indonesia, without relying on APBN State Budget.
In developing infra structure of gas industry, Pertamina was enhancing efforts in realizing infra structure projects like plant modification at Arun, Arun-Medan gas pipeline, and Trans-Java Gas Pipeline. Pertamina also exchange LNG explorations for fuel of the miner sector especially of heavy equipments. (SS)      

Business News - July 19,2013

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