Thursday, 11 July 2013


The development of commodity prices in June 2013 generally showed an increase. Based on the monitoring results of the National Bureau of Statistics (BPS) in 66 cities, in June 2013 inflation occurred at 1.03 percent or an increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from 138.60 in May 2013 to 140.03 in June 2013. Inflation rate by calendar year (January – June) 2013 at 3.35 percent and inflation rate year-on-year (June 2013 against June 2012) at 5.90 percent.
Inflation occurred due to price increases as shown by increase of indexes of several expenditure groups, namely foodstuffs 1.17 percent; processed foods, beverages, cigarettes, and tobacco 0.67 percent; housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel 0.21 percent; health group 0.23 percent; education, recreation, and sports 0.04 percent; transportation, communications and financial services 3.80 percent. While, clothing group this month experienced deflation at 0.29 percent.
Commodities whose price increases in June 2013 include: gasoline, city transport fares, purebred chicken meat, red pepper, purebred chicken eggs, rice, rice with side dishes, stink beans, cayenne pepper, noodles, inter-city transport fares, dried instant noodles, beef, fresh fish, preserved fish, spinach, dogfruit, string beans, potatoes, carrots, avocado, porridge, soto, clove, cigarettes, filter clove cigarettes, house rent rates, drinking water rates supplied by PAM, household fuel, wages of domestic servant, handbags, or freight rates, and train fare. Meanwhile, commodities whose price declines are: red onion, garlic, gold jewelry, oranges, mustard greens and apples.
Commodity groups, which in June 2013, contributed to inflation are: foodstuffs 0.30 percent; processed foods, beverages, cigarettes, and tobacco 0.12 percent; housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel 0.05 percent; health group 0.01 percent; and transportation, communication, and financial services 0.57 percent. While, the clothing group in this month contributed 0.02 percent to deflation. Meanwhile, education, recreation, and sports is relatively stable.
The foodstuff group in June 2013 experienced inflation at 1.17 percent or increase of index from 171.04 in May 2013 to 173.04 in June 2013.
From 11 subgroups in the foodstuff group, 9 subgroups experienced inflation and 2 subgroups deflation. Subgroups that experienced the highest inflation are vegetable subgroup at 3.56 percent and the lowest is experienced by fats and oils subgroup at 0.17 percent. Meanwhile, subgroups which experienced deflation are subgroup of fruits and other food items, at 1.88 percent and 0.30 percent respectively.
This group in June 2013 contributed 0.30 percent to inflation. Dominant contributors to inflation include: purebred chicken meat 0.10 percent; red pepper 0.08 percent; purebred chicken eggs 0.06 percent; rice 0.04 percent; stink beans and cayenne pepper 0.02 percent respectively; dried instant noodles, beef, fresh fish, preserved fish, spinach, dogfruit, string beans, potatoes, carrots, and avocado 0.01 percent respectively.
In June 2013 there was inflation at 1.03 percent with Consumer Price Index (CPI) at 140.03. From 66 cities of CPI, 65 cities experienced deflation and 1 city deflation. The highest inflation occurred in Sibolga at 1.96 percent with CPI at 149.51, and the lowest occurred in Gorontalo at 0.11 percent with CPI at 140.95. While, deflation occurred in Ambon at 0.15 percent with CPI at 144.46.(SS)

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