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Indonesia’s petro technicians in the petroleum industry were internationally acknowledged; many oil & gas producer countries were constantly requiting Indonesian petro-technicians. Experts in geology, geo-physics form Indonesia were relied on in drilling and reservoir operations. Some countries of the Middle East including Saudi Arabia recruited numerous technicians from Indonesian. Year after year, the number was constant ly increasing” Fadjar Budhi consultant and senior geo-physicists disclosed to Business News [21/5].
Indonesian’s petro-chemical experts emerged in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Geologists and geo-physicists were being hardboiled afield as Pertamina was booming at the time.” With experience gained 20 to 30 years ago, their expertises were without doubt.”
In oil-gas industry, many domestic and overseas companies were in need of seismic data. On the other hand many companies responded to the need by providing seismic data. A company called spectrum, based and core business, multi-client data provided data for oil companies of the world. Drilling operator companies form Africa, Western Europe, Southern Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Australia, Latin America were using seismic data provided by companies based In Jakarta. “We map out prospective zones where oil gas reserves were potential” Fadjar remarked.
Companies who were doing explorations refer to these data. The seismic data provider would provide initial data as well as detailed data. “Our clients can renew data. If the data were old, like those of 1960 or 1970, we can review of reproduce. If the data were new we can continue to probe until the explorer company pinpoints the rich spots.”
On the other hand the government of RI underscored their commitment to build the supporting infra-structures to oil-gas operators to step up explorations and production of oil in Indonesia.
This was disclosed in the conclusion of the 37th Indonesia petroleum Association Exhibition [IPA] 2013 a few days ago. Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources [ESDM] Indonesia, Susilo Siswoutomo said that the Indonesian government was serious about supporting this industry.
“The President had instructed the Ministry of ESDM and other government institutions on the opening of the 37th Indonesian petroleum Association Exhibition [IPA] 2013 to take the necessary measures to improve investment climate at home, including reformation of the bureaucracy in regard to permit application, we are taking follow up action to the instruction. However, industrial players must play the role in realizing the objective, they have to work hard to meet the target set by the government” Fadjar disclosed to business news [21/5].
On the same location, president of IPA Lukman Mahfoedz in his presentation underscored the president’s statement, i.e. that the government acknowledged the industry demand for clarity, consistency and certainty in supporting explorations. “The president had also made his commitment to give incentive to support explorations and EOR programs” Lukman disclosed to business news [21/5].
The convention and exhibition this year mobilized all stakeholders in the oil-gas industry, including policy markers, government in situations, investor, and service providers to promote investment in Indonesia. The convention and exhibition this year proudly announced the participation and high achievements made so far.
One of the notable attainment of this program was participation, in terms of visitors, convention participants or invitees, all totaling 16,128 participants, twice as many as the previous years. “The number of registered participants increased drastically over the 3-day convention exceeding 3,200; this signaled high enthusiasm among the target market to participate in the biggest oil-gas forum in the Asia Pacific region, which indicated how important the oil gas sector is” Fadjar concluded.(SS)

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