Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Commission VIII of house agreed to BLSM Social Aid plan worth Rp12. 009 trillion as compensation to reduce price of subsidized oil in APBN-P 2013. The agreement was arrived at through hearing session with the Secretary General and Director General of Life Projection and Social Insurance and PT Pos Indonesia.
The BLSM program was part of the compensation package to help the people who were vulnerable package to help the people who were vulnerable to oil price increase to be put in effect in this near future.
The amount to be distributed over five months consisted of cash aid Rp11.64 trillion for 15,530,897 people, for safeguarding Rp361 billion and for remuneration program of PT Pos Indonesia in two stages Rp279.55 billion, printing and delivery of illumination publication by PT Pos Rp70.46 billion and for coordination operational Rp10.98 billion.
The parliament [DPR-RI] according to Cairman of Commission VIII Sayed Fuad Zakaria, as quoted by the official website of the cabinet secretariat on Friday [7/6] underscored that the ministry of social affairs advisably better step up publication program by involving all related parties and foster coordination with various related ministries and institutions in the execution of the social aid program.
BLSM was distributed among 15.5 million lower-lower level group of people [RTSM] for five months Rp150.000 respectively per month.
Beside BLSM, within the framework of compensation package the government opposed increased budget of Rp728.8 billion for the expectant family program [PKH] for 2.4 million RSTM families the amount for which increased from Rp1.28 million to Rp1.80 million per annum.
For the Aid-for-the-poor program, the allocated budget was posted at Rp7.533 trillion, among which Rp7.432 trillion was for Aid-for poor students [BSM] and Rp100.8 billion for missionary students.
In relation to BSM, the government increased their aid to Rp450.000 per elementary school students, Rp750.000 per junior high school students and Rp1 million for high school/vocational high school students. (SS)  

Business News - June 12,2013    

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