Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Commission VI of House urged the Government to accelerate revitalization process of the sugar and fertilizer industry, toward attainment of the Self Sufficiency Plan in Food. The Commission supported the Government’s measures to revitalize the sugar industry and drove efforts toward self sufficiency in food through revitalization of the fertilizer industry. This was started by Chairman of Commission VI of Parliament, Airlangga Hartarto during technical meeting with the Ministry of Industry at the House of Representative.

Airlangga explained that the efforts made to revitalize the sugar industry by way of rehabilitation of machineries and equipments of the sugar industry belonging to the State Owned Companies or private companies was carried out by increasing production volume and developing sugarcane plantations and building new sugar mills.

Whilst revitalization of the fertilizer industry was carried out by way of replacement of aging factories especially the urea fertilizer factories, installation of advanced and highly efficient machines in terms of raw materials and fuel and environmentally friendly. Furthermore it was necessary to develop multifarious fertilizer plant, NPK or organic.

Commission VI of Parliament also urged the Government to set a measured target in matrix format for various sub-sectors of industry. Furthermore the Ministry of Industry was asked to take strategic measures in small industry (IKM) by One Village One Product approach so the progress, target and mapping of zones could be realized well.

About the unattained competitive edge of some national commodities against foreign products in terms of market share or competitive edge (among others IT products, consumer goods and electronics) Commission VI of Parliament urged the Government to focus on strengthening of competiveness and development of products especially in facing the free trade era.

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