Monday, 31 January 2011

Indonesia Not Provided of Having Done Any Dumping Of Paper Products To Gulf States

Ir. H.M. Mansur, Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Pulp and Paper Producers disclosed to Business News that some Gulf states as members of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) namely Saudi Arabia Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Arab Uni Emirates who made investigations as act of safeguarding for “other uncoated paper and paperboard” on Indonesia, had stopped doing so. Three Indonesian companies who were subject to GCC’ investigations were Sinar Mas Group, Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper, and PT Fajar Surya Wisesa.

Investigation was stopped as there were no sound evidence of any dumping done by Indonesia and injry suffered by the GCC paper industry. Through the Technical Secretariat of Anti Dumping (GCC-TSAD), GCC announced termination of the investigation although the Ministry of Trade have not received any formal notification from GCC. The reason for making an investigation was first demanded by 3 paper producers of the Gulf states namely Union Paper Mills, Aljazeera Paper, and Mill & Union Al Quwain Paper products, who suffered injury due to heavy inflow of imported paper. As investigations did not find any sound evidence, which disproved any dumping or injury, the investigation was stopped.

On the other hand the Indonesian Government through regulation of the Ministry of Finance No. 26/PMK/011/2010 dated February 1, 2010 (BN 7925 page 98-108) have imposed anti dumping tax (BMAD) on import of uncoated writing & printing paper from Finland, South Korea, India and Malaysia. What is meant by uncoated printing & writing paper are paper to write on or for printing, photocopy paper and paper for graphic gramatur purposes 40 – 150 grams. Except carbonizing base paper 20 rams and up, money paper, paper for making gibs planks, computer papers, aluminium base paper, decorative paper & carton (watermark) is included in tariff post 4802.55.90.00, 4802.56.90.00 and 4802.57.90.00.

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