Monday, 24 January 2011


Talisman energy announced today that through a number of their subsidiary companies (which were fully owned), indirectly Talisman had been declared as winner of auction for oil-gas exploration zone at 3 off-shore locations on the Straits of Makassar, Indonesia.

The three exploration zones had been offered as part of Direct Auction Phase II at Indonesia Exploration zones of 2009 and Talisman had been declared as winner representing a consortium consisting of Talisman and its working partner PTT Exploration and Production Ltd.

In addition to the interest at the Straits of Makassar, Talisman was now in possession in 70% share at the operational zone of KKS South Sagari, another 60% operated at KKS Serdang and another 33% not being operated at KKS South Mandar. The Consortium had made their commitments to bore an oil well at KKS South Sagari and to undertake 3D seismic process at all blocks within three years.

“This new KKS are most suitable to our new strategy to update portfolio of international exploration of Talisman as a whole. The operational sites are around KKS Sageri which are now in operation, and now is giving us a golden opportunity to run a prospective explorations covering a greater part of South Makassar concave.

I am most heartened that we have managed to accumulate an operational site at a wide concave in Indonesia most of which are still unexplored”. The management of Talisman stated.

Talisman Energy Inc is a global company operating to make diversification in the upstream oil and gas industry with headquarters in Canada. Three main operational zones of Talisman are North America, North Sea and Southeast Asia. The company also holds a portfolio for international exploration opportunities. Talisman is committed to run business safely, with full social responsibility and environmental concern.

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