Monday, 31 January 2011

Independent Consumer-Protection Bodies May Use YLKI to Frighten Producers

The Indonesian Consumer Protection Foundation (YLKI) fears that some public sponsored consumer Protector organizations (LPKSM) would use YLKI as an instrument to frighten or intimidate companies. And yet their job is just to report on any worry among consumers about the circulation of certain products which one certified and not appropriate in trend of content or labeling.

Suahartini Hadad, Head of the National Board of Consumer Protection (BPKN) and the Board of Development, Indonesian Consumer Protection Foundation (YLKI) disclosed to Business News after an interactive dialogue at the Indonesian educational Safari for Consumers under the theme of “The Strategy for Making Intelligent and Criticizing Consumer”.

Institutions which handle consumer protection are not too numerous in Indonesia. YLKI, encompassed a wide in big cities like Jakarta. YLKI upholds a high ethics, and this is what keeps its integrity high and its capability well guaranteed. All over the world consumer protectors uphold high ethics and never will they collaborate with any company no matter if it is in the educational sector of publicizing.

“We shall not accept bribery in any form. To complain about a product, for example bottled tea, The company is supposed to pay just one bottle as compensation, but often it happens that the pay in two or more bottles. We do not permit companies to replace by 10 crates of bottled drink however, such is permissible for consumers.”

Often what they benefited was not promotion they deliver beverage products and resell them. They deliver something which made them feel disadvantaged; in case of 1 or 2 crates it is not problematic, but if it s more then one crate we have our objections, such cases are often used by consumer protection foundations.

We anticipate such that it should not happen, so YLKI is only in Jakarta. There are also consumer Protectors who collaborate with us. So the public-sponsored consumers protection institutions and YLKI to respect such ethics. They become our network and run the same line of business as us. Many LPKSM are being established but they tend to scare producers like saying that certain products are expired or accuse shops of putting products at the wrong places. In once occurred in Surabaya, but consumer pro tectors are not supposed to do such practices. To withdraw products, the authority is in the local authorities, and the police. There is no reason for LPKSM to frighten traders.

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