Monday, 24 January 2011


Port Administrator of Tanjung Priok harbor had asked PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) II to engage Freight Forwarders (PBM) in rendering loading and unloading services at the Tanjung Priok Harbor, this was in line with the elimination of terminal system operators being put in effects so far. All registered freight forwarders at Tanjung Priok harbor were given the same opportunity to operate at the harbor.

Bay M. Hasni Head of Harbor and Naval Affairs, Tanjung Priok Seaport Administration, expected that Pelindo II made clarifications of 52 freight forwarders operating at Tanjung Priok harbor of 70 forwarders listed as members of APBMI Association Jakarta. The clarification of the 52 freight forwarders was schedule for May 19-21-2010 to be carried out by four teams, each team consisting of 6 to 7 Pelindo II officials.

This classification also concerned qualifications for ownership of loading and unloading equipments of each respective freight forwarders. Furthermore about command over the cargo market, and the experience in loading and unloading at the minimum volume of 750.000 tons/year. The clarification plan to be exercised by May 19 was for 16 freight forwarder companies, by May 20 28 freight forwarders and by May 21 for 8 freight forwarding companies.

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