Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Ministerial Meeting of ASEAN Labor Ministers in Hanoi (22-24/5) resulted in some important points of agreements as ingrained in the Joint Communique. The core of discussion in this regional ministerial meeting included five points, i.e. improvement of human resources, creating employment opportunities, minimizing poverty, social uplifting and enhancement of equality.

“We underscore that Indonesia has its commitment to maintain collaboration with ASEAN states, particularly in the case of upgrading quality of human resources,” Minister of Labor and Transmigration Muhaimin Iskandar was quoted as saying at the meeting.

About upgrading effort of Human Resources, the meeting had agreed to realte the matter to ustainable endeavors to promote laborers’ competence. Among the efforts was assurance of labor rights, which were often violated or ignored in many cases. This was underscored by Minister Muhaimin Iskandar in a press conference on Wednesday (26/5).

The Joint Communique had agreed on regional actions for the informal sector, upgrading of Governmental managerial capacity, fostering bilateral relationships, development of the labor market and strengthening of the labor sector.

“This Vietnam Agreement would serve as our point of departure to strengthen our human resources competence, professionalism, contributing to economic recovery and growth. Further ore this agreement would be brought to the ASEAN Summit next July” the Minister confirmed.

This regional meeting had also involved three guest attendants, namely from China, Japan, and South Korea. This ASEAN Plus Dialogue had also evaluated collaborations between ASEAN and partner states in the past few years, and simultaneously revitalized cooperation in the labor sector. The Minister underscored that for Indonesia, the urgent matter was protection for Indonesian Migrant Workers. “Thankfully the ASEAN states are committed to protect our workers” the Minister remarked.

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