Wednesday, 26 January 2011


It was most important to maintain equal rights between user and provider of services in the construction sector that the sector might develop and be profitable to all parties. This was the message of the Head of the Board of Construction and Human Resources Development (BPKSDM) Bambang Guritno upon opening Meeting of National Executives of Indonesia Concrete Asthpalt (AABI) in Yogyakarta recently.

The general perception today was that provider of services in construction business was losing business against users. For that matter, the effort toward maintaining equality was by insuring contract of project which was profitable and not disadvantageous to both parties.

In the same opportunity, the Director General of Bina Marga, Djoko Murjanto stated his opinion that target his opinion that target of development might be attained provided that rights and responsibilities between provider and user were well balanced. For that matter, to accomplish building of road infrastructures worth Rp 148 trillion for over the next five years, the Government needed good collaboration with the Association. As for asthplat production, the need to be fulfilled was among others highly competent and responsible workers to work on the field.

Meanwhile Mohammad Subagjo, Chairman of AABI, admitted that up till now there had been no equal rights between provider and user in terms of risk performance control. According to Subagjo there had been to much responsibility burdened on service providers.

This was not to mention taxation which were imposed, regulation problems, and other legal matters related to contract. Therefore, he expected that there would be the best solution to all the problems.

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