Monday, 24 January 2011


A change of Mindset was needed by the Regional Drinking Water Companies (PDAM) they had to be more entrepreneur like in their management maneuvers. This was disclosed by the Director of Drinking Water Development, Ministry of Public Works, Tamin M Zakaria Amin, in his conclusion of dialogue between central and regional stakeholders in the effort to eliminate obstacles and to smoothen the process of bank’s loan for the PDAM companies.

Furthermore Tamin was quoted as saying that the change of midset included trauma about the credit or Regional Drinking Water Companies (further referred to as PDAM), no need to fear investment as long as review was made properly and debt were managed professionally.

Furthermore an action plan was necessary in the management of credit, including approval of the Regent and Regional Parliament, preparation of legal process, and preparing detailed engineering designed to support marketing efforts and environmental protection including prevention of water pollution and minimizing operational cost.

Investment through bank loan were financing derived from non-State Budget and Regional State Budget so PDAM could refer to company regulations in procuring goods and services. Commitment of the Central Government was also expected in procuring clean water, while commitment from the Provincial Government was needed for procedures of bank’s credit application.

Conducting of the dialogue was to enable stakeholder who were related to running the SPAM to understand Government’s policy in accelerating procurement of drinking water through credit of the national banking system.

Furthermore through the dialogue it was expected that stakeholders who were related to the conducting of SPAM could arrive at a certain agreement in the process of credit application to the banks.

The objective of conducting the event was to invite stakeholders who were involved in the process of management and funding like governors, mayors, regents, head of regional parliaments, heads of regional boards of developments (Bapeda), heads of regent/urban Public Works bodies, banks, head of Perpamsi Association, and Director of PDAM.

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