Monday, 31 January 2011

Five Regions to Be Listed as Exclusive Economics Zones

The Coordinating Minister of Economy Hatta Rajasa informed that 48 regencoes and cities were applying for the position of Exclusive Economic Zone (KEK) to the Central Government. However, of the 48 Regencies and cities only 5 were qualified to become KEK in accordance with the National mid term Development Plan (RPJN) while the rest were rated as not meeting the requirements. Government’s priority was set for 2014. “At least 5 KEK approved applicants are now being evaluated to scheme up the Strategy and Grand Design of the project” Minister Hatta disclosed this at the Ministrial Office on Tuesday (22/6).

As with the 5 regions to be prioritized as candidates for KEK, Hatta did not mention the names yet but one thing was sure the KEK would be evenly distributed over western, central and eastern Indonesia.

KEK would be developed on the basis of premium commodity in the respective areas. Furthermore, KEK would consist of clusters which would be developed into bases of growth.

About the chances of Merauke in Papua to be included as KEK, Minister Hatta was in no condition to confirm yet. Meanwhile Batam would not be included again in the list of 5 new KEK to be set up. Merauke, according to Hatta, was already included in Presidential Insturction I/2010 on acceleration of Merauke Industrial and Food Estate (MIFE).

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