Monday, 24 January 2011


Mohammad Hasroel Thayeb, Chairman of the Council of Experts, the Association of Indonesian Environmental Intellectuals (Perwaku) rated that Al Gore’s theory of global warming was wrong. Even the ex Vice President of the USA AL Gore during the Bill Clinton administration was regarded as having cheated the world. Similar opinion was also expressed by 800 scientists from all over the world.

The carbon dioxide gas (CO2) could not possibly create the glass roof effect, because CO2 belonged to the heavy gas category sot it could not possibly float up. To illustrate, even to be in the heights of the Freeport it was hard to breathe, due to thin air and low Oxygen (O2). “Oxygen is light gas, even Oxygen could not float up, how could the heavier Carbon dioxide float up? That’s absurd” Hasroel was quoted as saying in a discussion with Business News in Jakarta Monday [17/5].

Experiments had been carried out by using mini sized glass roof to disprove that CO2 was the glass roof, but that it was the nearness of carbon dioxide to the ground which held heat. “So it is not global warming but local warming. If all the cities in the world were overheated and the heat globalized, then it may be called global warming, but the global warming as hypothesy of Al Gore, which was based on his theory of global warming, must have been given more for political reason”.

To reduce CO2 as heavy gas, it could be done by pulling the gas down by planting trees. However, the kind of trees were of the Gymnosperm type which were flowerless. In Tokyo, Japan, city greening was done by planting Ginklobiloba. That was the right measure. On the contrary what was being done by the Forestry authorities and the Institute of Botany Indonesia was off-track, because the type of plant chosen was Angsana where the absorbent level of CO2 was not as strong as Ginkobiloba. Other type of plants which strongly absorbed CO2 was the Pine tree. This was the kind of tree planted by the Dutch in the major cities. In addition to that pakis, tangkil and meninjo strong CO2 absorbing force “It is understandable, if Angsana were planted because they were fast growing. But things must change as from now on”.

CO2 being a heavy gas, hung low. This type of gas dissolved in water easily. Seventy percent of the earth surface was the sea, while 70% of Indonesia’s surface were water. Strangey enough, there were some Indonesians who believed that CO2 as a result of combustion taking place in America had crossed the wide ocean to be absorbed by forest in Indonesia. Therefore, Indonesia had the right to claim compensation for the contamination of forest. “Such a claim were ridiculous and shameful. It was not thinkable that CO2 from America could reach Indonesia by crossing a wide ocean while CO2 was easily absorbed by water”. Such a ridiculous claim could not be if we return to basic chemistry. Oxygen, even at the height of 2,500 m was thinning out, so how could CO2 rise height up to form a glass roof. That’s absurd. Similarly global warming caused by carbon dioxide was a lie”.

To illustrate, every single litre of water could absorb 1.8 litre of CO2. This was different from Oxygen, where every single litre of water could only absorb 1 litre of CO2. to lower gas emission, it would be necessary to build a good number of water pools. “This was the reason why during the Dutch era a good number of pools and ponds were built in and around Jakarta city. While functioning as water transit, these ponds also absorbed carbon”.

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