Wednesday, 26 January 2011


The Board of Financial Control gave rating of Qualified Opinion to the Government for the Financial Report of the Central Government (LKPP). This meant there was a betterment of opinion against previous year or since 2004 until 2008 when BPK gave the opinion of Disclaimer. This was disclosed by Head of BPK Hadi Poernomo in presenting the examination outcome of BPK RI on Government’s Financial Report 2009 to Parliament at the House of Representative. Tuesday (01/06).

“For the Government’s Financial Report (LKPP) 2009 BPK gave rating of Qualified Opinion. The augmented rating needs to be appreciated as the fruits of the Government’s hard work in improving accountability of state’s finance. This improved opinion about LKPP was thanks to betterment in financial reporting of the ministries and financial institutions by improving the accounting system and application of the Information Technology, promoting quality of human resources, reforming institutional assets and abiding the effective law” Hadi Poernomo remarked.

A number of institutions were beginning to tidy up procedures of non-tax collections, reform book keeping system including the bank deposits. BPK appreciated the Government for following BPK’s recommendation so opinions in the ministries and institutions had been improving. LKPP showed a significant progress. BPK noted that the number of ministries and institutions who had been given qualified opinion rose from 7 in 2006 to become 16 in 2007 and up again to become 35 by 2008 data of 2009 showed that the number had come to 45.

Improvement of opinion for examination in ministries and institutions included the Police Dept. Supreme Court, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ministry of culture and Tourism, and the Central Board of Statistics.

The Government’s Financial Report of 2009 examined by BPK included realization of Budget, balanced sheet, cash flow report, and financial report. In the budget realization report of 2009, The Government reported revenue income amounting to US$ 848.76 trillion and expenditure realization of Rp 937.38 trillion. Attainment of state expenditure of 2009 was 97% against budget of Rp 871,00 or only around 86% compared to 2008 income of Rp 981.61 trillion. The category of income having a biggest downturn was state’s income was Rp 619.92 trillion or an attainment of only 95% of budget amounting to Rp 651.95 trillion. Tax revenues of 2009 was also having a downturn of Rp 38.78 trillion or down by 6% against realization of 2008.

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