Wednesday, 26 January 2011


The Aviation Industry has environmental responsibility. Airlines, airports, provider of navigation service are one single entity to support three ambitious targets to maintain environmental conservation, i.e. to increase fuel efficiency by an average of 1.5% per year until 2020, and to slash off emission by half in 2050 against 2005.

Giovianni Bisignani, CEO and Director General of Air Transport Association (IATA) made his statement in writing to Business News as received in Jakarta, Friday (4/6) in Commemoration of the World Environmental Day on June 5.

The targets set by the aviation industry are more than just lip service. They all unite to strive on the basis of four strategic cornerstones toward environmental conservation, i.e. investment in technology, effective operation of aircrafts, benefiting from more efficient infra-structures and referring to positive economic benchmarks.

Attainment of the four pillars of strategy has been most impressive. Evidently since 2004 strategy of the aviation industry had saved more than 75 million tons of CO2 “We have been collaborating with more than 105 airlines in all corners of this planet earth to implement best practices in fuel efficiency. And we have worked hard to optimize air traffic including thousands of air routes and airports”.

Low carbon fuel, especially bio fuel, my contribute significantly to the endeavors of the aviation industry to meet targets. As far as the life cycle is concerned, low carbon fuel has the potential to reduce negative carbon effect of flights up to 80%. This is not an achievement of 50 years from now, but now. Five airlines have conducted test on the biofuel effect in flights and had been most remarkable. It is expected that certification for the attainment would be issued by 2011 at the latest.

Certain economic benchmarks my show inexplainable conclusions. In this case the airline industry has been developing some sort of industrial program to substitute the standard carbon emission. The economic criteria will also function in helping to meet certain targets of aviation whereby technology may offer a long term solution to the efforts of minimizing carbon.

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