Monday, 24 January 2011


Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani expressed her optimism that recovery of the global economy today was well underway even China’s economic growth would reach 14%, which was the highest in the past 3 years. How ever, the world’s economy was still under threat of overheating in the property sector. In spite of the global economic rebound, it was still vulnerable because of the global liquidity and massive monetary expansion. This was set forth by Sri Mulyani upon presenting policy outline of Fiscal Budgeting 2011 at the Grand Session of the House of Representatives.

At this time a new challenge was emerging, i.e. diminishing global liquidity, limitation of spending tax enforcement in all parts of the world. There was still a possibility of stagnated global economic growth. A new global crisis might always burst out of the European crisis which triggered debt crisis in Greece, Portugal, and Poland, indicated by debt ratio of 60%, resulting in sinking of SUN of the said Countries, causing also drop of the Euro currency value.

The Apology

Having presented the main points of Fiscal policy of State Budget 2011, Sri Mulyani bade farewell to all of the Parliament members since she was to hold the position of Managing Director of World Bank. “I bid farewell because I had been representing the Government for a long time, since the previous parliamentary period. Often I shared the same view but at other time I also had differences but all are for the benefit of the nation” Sri Mulyani remarked.

Furthermore Sri Mulyani stated that it was human to make mistakes, so she expressed her apology for the mistakes she could have made in words or deeds so she could leave the country light heartedly and finally she called out to all people to give the best for the nation.

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