Monday, 24 January 2011


Commission VII of House urged Government to be stern about realizing the development of Nuclear Powered Generator (PLTN) in Indonesia. Every policy would win support and protest. But the Government had to be decisive about it, especially because the project concerned the safety of millions of people. This was disclosed by member of Commission VII of Parliament, Sutan Bhatoegana during House Hearing session with the Minister Research and Technology at the House of Representatives.

The technical meeting was attended by Commission VII of House, Zainuddin Amali, attended by members of the National Nuclear Board (BATAN), National Aviation and Outer Space Board (LAPAN), Indonesian Institution of Science (LIPI), Board of Technological Studies and Application (BPPT), Board of Nuclear Supervision (BAPETEN), and the National Research Council (DRN).

Sutan reminded that supposedly Indonesia by 2016 already had Nuclear Powered Generator, somehow there was no sign of seriousness of the Government. For that matter. He asked the Minister to play an active role, for example in terms of publicity, involving violuntary bodies (LSM) who go for or against the plan.

The opinions which developed among the people must be straightened out, more over Indonesia already had won the world’s recognition in terms of nuclear. Therefore, it was expected that the Minister of Research and Technology could be more active by being directly involved in the efforts, so the Nuclear Powered Generator project could be realized soon in accordance with the existing law.

Similar opinion was expressed by Commission VII of Parliament, Satya W. Yudha. He pled the Minister of Research and Technology to also promote the existing scientific readiness. According to Yudha the Minister was obliged to announce such readiness to all parties, including investors. We had to convince them that there was no problem in terms of safety; our technology was safe.

Not Serious

Meanwhile member of Commission VII of Parliament, Bobby Addithyo Rizaldi rated that there was no seriousness of the Government about the nuclear issue. The point was that up till now the Government had nor set up any institution for implementation on Nuclear Powered Generator Building. And yet Law No. 10 year 1997 stipulated BATAN as only for non commercial nuclear purposes.

Although the Government had issued Presidential Instruction no. 11 year 2010 on illumination of nuclear powered Generator, it was not clear because it was not accompanied by Budgeting. Until now there had been no decision about site of PLTN.

Stipulation of PLTN should have been done inspite of restrictions from Muria. But some Governors had stated their readiness to provide PLTN site such as in Banten-Bangka Belitung, all these facts showed that the Government was not serious about developing PLTN for the 2009-2014 era.

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