Monday, 31 January 2011

Scooter-Matic Market Demand Projected to Increase By More Than 50% in the Next Two Years

In the next two years it was predicted that the scooter matic (scootic) market could grow by more than 50%. Meanwhile the market of premium type of motorcycles was still small, i.e. less than 1%, the volume being around 8 thousand units only. With a total market encompassing 6 million units per month, all of the motorcycle producers strived to grab a 1% market share each month.

Gradually, the domestic automotive industry was developing toward better capacility to uplift technological mastery, production capacity and manufacturing of automotive components. One measure taken by producers of two-wheel automotive was to develop designing technology which would eventually lead to total mastery of motorcycle manufacturing as a whole.

According to the Marketing Director of PT AHM Julius Asian in Jakarta after lunching the Honda PCX (Personal Confort Saloon) which was imported from Thailand, this Honda PCX was exported worldwide. Chief Engineering Honda Research Southeast Asia Fuminori Kamemizu stated that PCX was manufactured in Thailand and thereafter marketed to Japan and European states.

Meanwhile, Indonesia was the four the country which was the target market, and estimatedly as per July this year, the Indonesian market would absorb 250 units of Honda PCX each year. In Europe, President Director PT AHM Yusuke Hori, formerly predicted PCX per year. Surprisingly, this PCX, which was the first scootic based on injection technology, scored sales of 21 thousand units.

Kamemizu added that, with 125 cc power, PCX became a model which was expected to become a global product to penetrate the whole world. In Indonesia, this type of motorcycle only needed to make adjustment of fuel; in Thailand the fuel used was Octane 91, in Indonesia it was Octane 88. This did not imply that additional part of component was needed, all it takes was just to use the standard oil-fuel used in Indonesia.

Yamaha Launches the Xeon

Separately Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) previously also launched the same type of motorcycle namely the scootic Xeon 125 cc. According to the statement of YMKI Dyonisius Beti sometime ago, it was expected that sales of this scootic with new type of engine might reach 20,000 units each months.

In conclusion, as from this year on motorcycle manufacturers were striving to strengthen the domestic market by producing easy-to-ride scooters which were expected to strengthen competitiveness at home in Indonesia; on the other hand competence of the human resources were also to be upgraded and the technology would be advanced as well.

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