Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Social Security Program Jamsostek in DKI Jakarta Ranks First Nationally

DKI Jakarta province sits on first rank in terms of number of participants of the social security program called Jamsostek nationally, with 33.500 companies and 9.8 million individuals as participants. While, in terms of regions south Jakarta sits on the first rank. DKI Jakarta is the center of activities, including government administration center, center of trade and other activities. As there are many large corporation located in south Jakarta, this region sits on the first rank in DKI Jakarta Province. Herdy Trisanto, head of north Jakarta Jamsostek Regional Office told Business News. DKI Jakarta contributes around 27 % of total participants nationally. And in terms of number of workers, it contributes around 30 % nationally. In 2010 and probably in this year, the increase is very significant, especially in DKI Jakarta as last year the DKI Jakarta Provincial government issued Governor’s Regulations No. 66 and No. 160 on jamsostek implementation. Public response to Jamsostek program improves from year to year. But participation in Jamsostek is not obligatory, but voluntary. Jamsostek only calls for corporations in all regions to participate the program. The above Governor Regulations were issued in April 2010, and the socialization takes place at the same time with our urge to the public and corporate managements in all regions in Indonesia. Jamsostek program is very supportive in increasing welfare of workers in Indonesia. Socialization was going on massively, including jamsostek’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. One of them is assistance in the form of two units of ambulance to hospital management in DKI Jakarta. Jamsostek also arranges many educative events routinely. From two of the activity programs, jamsostek expect that there will be an increase in the number of participants by the next year. For 2011, our target is 6.600 corporation and 700 new workers in north Jakarta. North Jakarta sits on the third position after south Jakarta and west Jakarta in terms of participation in jamsostek program.

Lius Djohari from Satya Negara Hospital (RSSN), said that the hospital’s corporation with north Jakarta jamsostek regional office has been established since 1998. Patients handled at the out patients care unit reaches four thousand (4000) patients a year. While number of patients at inpatient care unit reaches around 700 a year. This number comprises 12% of total patients at RSSN. Due the satisfactory services given to jamsostek participants, jamsostek gives one unit of ambulance to RSSN. Our assumption is that the ambulance is equal to the nominal value of 350-400 millions as the ambulance is equipped with medical equipment including heart monitor.

The hospitals’ neurologist said that improvement in management system, including management of number one disease in Indonesia namely stroke, requires medical terms at the hospitals. In addition to that, complete medical equipment is also a determining factors in patients recovery rate. Medical equipment including ambulance equipped with heart monitor, is part of the attempt in minimizing the vulnerability rate of strokes in Indonesia. Strokes is rampant in Indonesia. All stakeholders must develop a stroke management system. There is a demand for strokes units at the hospital, including ambulance and medical equipment. And medical teams with required minimum number of neurologist are also important. There must be a minimum number of 7 doctors consisting of four neurosurgeons and three neurologist to handle patient with severe stroke. A neurologist, a doctors specializing in neurological disorders are frequently helpful in stroke diagnosis and management, he told Business News.

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