Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Four Of 12 ASEAN Connectivity Projects Ready To Be Built

Indonesia will build four of 12 ASEAN connectivity projects with a total investment of more than USD 400  millions. Coordinating Minister of Economy, Hatta Rajasa, said.
 Two of the four connectivity projects are part of indonesia’s economic Development Acceleration and Expansion Masterplan (MP3l), namely power plant in Riau with a network coverage up to Malaka, and 150 kv power transmission project in Sanggau (west Kalimantan) – serawak (Malaysia). “two projects which have been set forth in the masterplan be completed by end of this year, especially power transmission project which is awaiting completion, so that in 2012 it can be operated.
While, two other projects, namely rehabilitation of roads in the border area with 150 km length and construction of toll road connecting Bitung-Manado are new projects which are still being discussed until now.
Hatta added that the Indonesian government has the intention to develop ferry port and ferry transportation from Sumatra to Malaysia to ease the flow of sea traffic between both countries.
The 12 projects cost USD 1.2 billions, which will be founded by Asian Development Bank (ADB), ASEAN member countries, and ASEAN partner countries such as japan, korea, and Taiwan. “funding will comes mostly from ADB and ASEAN member countries”, said Hatta.

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