Wednesday, 22 June 2011

House Support Stringent Action On Tresspasising Foreign Fisherman

Head of the board of Inter Parliamentary Cooperation Muhammad Hidayat Nurwahid stated that the Parliament supported the state’s souverignity over the Indonesian waters. Therefore it became imperative for the Indonesian government to put sanctions on Malaysian fisherman stealing fish on Indonesian waters. If there were law enforcements, it was not because of revenge but because of trespasses over Indonesian waters.
Whoever breaks into Indonesian waters territories not just Malaysian fisherman but trespassers from anywhere at all, must be detained and undergo legal process according to the rules and regulations of Indonesia.

In the event that foreign fishermen had actually broken into the Indonesian threshold, supposedly the related foreign government respected indonesia’s rights and not out Indonesia under question instead.

The most important thing was that the Indonesian government could prove that the foreign fisherman had trespassed across the borders of Indonesian waters and therefore deserved to be legally sanctioned. If there were any elegant ways by both parties to settle the dispute, it was always welcome. But the law should be upheld. If law were not enforced and the spirit was only based on neighborhood friendliness, it might trigger more violations in the future.

Because the foreign fisherman had trespassed borders, they became subject to Indonesian law. Law must be enforced in Indonesian on any citizen of any country including Malaysian fisherman breaking into Indonesian waters where Indonesian law is supreme.

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