Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Parliament to Make Amendment on State’s Financial Law

Deputy Chairman of the Legislation Board of House, Dimyati Natakusumah said that House planned to make amendments on Law No. 17/2003 (BN no 6913 page 168-208) on state’s finance. The law amendment was included in the National Legislation Program of prioritized Bill 2011.

Law No. 17 year 2003 had not regulated independency in management of financial state for authorities in the government, the Legislation authorities and judicative authorities. For that matter amendment of this law would be necessary.
Bomer Pasaribu, ex Deputy Chairman of House of the past period stated that the effort to amend law no. 17/2003 had begun since 6 years ago. Chairman of House and Convention Board of 2004-2009 on March, 2005 assigned the Legislation Board of House and Commission XI of House to make through analys on law and regulations to enhance independence and effectiveness of House’s role.

According to Bomer, in line with the dynamic of life, the demand was not to maximize the role of House but also  other state’s institutions like DPD, the Yudicial Commission which were close to three summits of power i.e. executive, legislative and judicative.
The objective of law amendment was to strengthen the three summits of power including the Regional Representatives (DPD) and Yudicial Commission.

The Legislative Body needed to synchronize perception of the amendment, to decide what was needed total change or limited change. However it was recommended that the amendment was limited. If the change were overall it might take a long time to accomplish. House must focus attention on three executive summit i.e. executive, legislative, judicative and the corresponding body.

This law amendment must be carried out the limited way, in principle it should be active and fast and be finalized by 2011, so it could be implemented in State Budget 2012 an onward. The principle of limited revision should be understood as anticipation of amendment of other related laws such as Law no 1/2004 (BN no 7021 page w 13B-14B) on state’s treasures and law no 15/2001 (BN no 7120 page 1B-6B) on management Examination and Financial responsibility of State Budget and other Laws.

Meanwhile Pateniari Siahaan who was also Vice Chairman of the Legislative Body of House for the period 2004-2009 agreed on amendment of the Law of State Finance. However the Legislative body of house must take through analysis in the changes. The problem was that there were 18 other laws which needed synchronization, harmonization and round ups. (SS)

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