Wednesday, 22 June 2011

PLN and PT PAL Collaborate To Build CNG Natural Gas Storage

In line with the effort to step up quality and capacity of electricity supply in central Sumatra, particularly in the province of Jambi PLN collaborate with PT PAL Indonesia (persero) in installing the compressed Natural Gas Storage (CNG)  to be used for supplying the need of peaking in Jambi. M o U for that collaboration was signed by the president of PLN Dahlan Islan and president of PT PAL Indonesia Harsusanto at the PLN Headquarters on Monday.

Building of the CNG storage in Jambi was aimed at securing gas supplies to peaking generator to increase power output during peak time (peaker). “today the average duty during peak time of electricity consumption in the province of Jambi was around 286 MW with total number of customers posted at 246,395” Dahlan Iskan remarked.
Jambi holds abundant resources of natural gas which can meet the great demand for power by peaking installations based on compressed Natural Gas Technology. (NNG) this technology processes gas pressurizing during off peak time hour (LWBP) and condense it into a Cylinder Tank Gas Container. During the peak burden hours, gas would be pipelined into the generator.
Soon the CNG plant installation and peaking center would be built as close as possible to the location of Sei Gelam 1 gas resource with production capacity of 21.5 mmcfd to be connected with Sei Gelam well 2 at the capacity of 2 mmcfd through pipelining 10.5 km long. Gas supply form these two wells have the capacity to supply gas for peaking generator at 80 MW strong. The power generated would be channeled to electricity network in central Sumatra though transmission network 150 KV of Sei Gelam 1 to Aur Duri for 30 km long.

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