Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Indonesia And Turkey Sets Of USD 5 Billions Bilateral Trade by 2014

INDONESIA PRESIDENT Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and Turkish president, Abdullah Gul, agreed to achieve USD5 billion bilateral trade by 2004 from the current trade volume which stands at less than USD1 millions. The two leaders told a joint press conference after their meeting at the presidential palace. According to president Yudhoyono, the potential of both countries to enhance volume of bilateral trade is quite significant as the combined GDP of both countries reaches USD 1.5 trillions, and volume of bilateral trade is currently small. “ both of us agree to achieve USD 5 billions of bilateral trade volume by 2014, and I am certain that we can achieve this target”. President Yudhoyono said that turkey is the gate for investment, trade, and economy with Europe, and economy partnership with turkey will bring benefits to Indonesia. “turkey is the gate for trade, investment, and economy with Europe. Combined GDP of Indonesia and turkey reaches USD 1.5 trillions. What we have achieve currently, from the aspects of investment and trade, not yet reflects the real capacity that we have. So Indonesia should perceive turkey as a strong partner in economic partnership. The two leaders will attend a business gathering on Tuesday afternoon to meet with business delegates of both countries. “economic, investment and trade partnership will not develop without the business delegates of both countries finding an opportunity to become a part of economic development growth either in turkey or in Indonesia”. In future economic partnership, Indonesia has a master plan of economic development for the next 15 years, including the sectors to be developed under partnership schemes. “We expect that at least in the economic, investment, and trade sectors, we see that the potential is relative significant”, Yudhoyono said. Turkish president, Abdullah Gul, said that Indonesia a strategic partner for turkey, one of the reason is because both countries are members of G-20. Indonesia and turkey have economies which are highly potential to develop, he said. “both countries have highly potential economies. We bring a large number of delegates to Indonesia. They have talks with Indonesian businessmen and have seen the potential of Indonesia” said president Abdullah.

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