Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Milling Season 2010 of Sugar Mills Terminates by End of March

Based on report of sugar mills received by the Indonesian Sugar Association (AGI), until end of February 2011 sugar mills in Indonesia had milled sugarcanes amounting to 35.322,142 tons of sugarcanes plantation 431,267 ha with average yields 6.47% producing 2,284 million tons of sugar. This enormous volume of sugar were yield of milling season of 2010 the execution of which would end by march 2011 which would be terminated with the end of milling activities of 1 sugar mill belonging to Surya Group Lampung. Ir Colosewoko, expert staff of AGI told BussinessNews that in milling season of 2011 the average productivity of sugarcane is noted at 81.9 ton/ha while productivity of sugar/hablur reached 5.2 tons/ha. For the time being productivity of Hablur nation wide at the highest attained by PT Sweet Indo Lampung sugar mill was 6.99 hablur/ha with sugarcane productivity 97.25 tons/ha end yields 5.98%. Apart from producing sugarcane based sugar there are 3 sugar factories (PT Industri Gula Nusantara + PT IGN, PT perkebunan Nusantara II and PT. Laju Perdana which process raw sugar into white sugar are meant to energize idle capacity with total capacity of 163.205 tons of sugar.  The long period of milling season in 2010 had left sufficient stock of sugar. Until February 28.2010 the stock of sugar was post at 617.173 tons. This enormous stock of sugar consist of traders’ sugar 375.320.1 tons (35.12%) and farmers’ sugar 25.491.5 tons (4.13%) the stock of white crystal sugar 617.783.5 tons is exclusive of crystal white sugar ex imported, posted at 23.801.51 tons.

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