Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Government to Enhance Supervision on Pilots Flight Hours

The government will enhance supervision of flight hours so they are mot to exceed the one provided in international standards amid rapid growth of aviation industry in Indonesia with the aim to increase flight safety. According to the international standards, total flight time is maximum 30 hours per week. We will control and evaluate. We are concerned about airline companies that have more airplanes but have less pilots. This was told to Business News at the presidential palace Total number of pilots in Indonesia every year does not suffice demand, and it is expected that the shortage could be fulfilled by increase of trainings and outsourcing.

There is a shortage of pilot supply each year. It is expected that with human resource training, the number can be increased, and there is also some out sourced pilots, and hopefully, the number of pilots could be increased. The minister also allows airline companies to employ foreign pilots to suffice demand. The government calls airline companies not to stop their services, and unexpected flight safety shortcomings should not happen. Ministry of transportations spokesperson, Bambang Ervan: Pilots with flight hours exceeding the standard flight time will be vulnerable to accident. The standard flight time of 30 hours per week is a maximum human’s capacity. Airlines companies which are doing expansion should not exploit their pilots. It is advisable to hire other pilots or recruiting new pilots, he told Business News on the phone.
Pilots who violate the above regulations will be imposed with sanctions. Starting from March 14, 2011 we will monitor flight hours. Indonesia’s airline industry has made progress in terms safety systems, as indicated by the removal of flight ban by European Union on four Renowned airlines in Indonesia, including Garuda Indonesia, in July 2009. The European Union banned 51 Indonesia airlines in 2007 after a series of accidents that caused death to more than 250 people.

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