Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Commission V of House Aggrieved by Empty Apartements in Nunukan

The technical team of commission V of parliaments was shocked and aggrieved to see that the modest apartments at jalan ujang dewa, district of south nunukan, regency of nunukan, east Kalimantan were without occupants although they had ben there since 2005. This was disclosed by chairman of commission V of house, joseph umarhadi upon inspecting the rusunawa apartments.
oseph rated that the building of rusunawa apartments, which was financed by the state budget had been a waste. Two blocks PT. rusunawi was built by the directorate general of cipta karya, ministry of public works. In view of that matter commission V of house had urged the government through assistant of the ministry of public housing to solve the problem. The rusunawa was supposed to be occupied by people of the low income group. Supposedly the building was not let to be damaged and go a waste.

In the beginning the rusunawa apartment was intended for Indonesian migrant workers who were Malaysia bound, considering that nunukan was ideally located near the borderline.
At that time the number of migrant workers in nunukan exploded to 100.000 people or more. When building of the apartment was completed, there was a new policy ran by the central government which relocated the place for document extention application of workers from nunukan to the consulate general of RI at Tawau, Malaysia.

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