Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bill of Social Welfare Management to be Discussed Soonest

Consultative Meeting between house and the government on stagnated discussion of bill of social welfare  management (RUU BPJS) finally arrived at positive conclusion, that the law would be discussed on May 9, 2011 this was confirmed by vice chairman of house Priyo Budi Santoso upon closing the Consultative Meeting between Parliament and the government the house of representatives. Before discussion, the government must hand over list of problems inventory (DIM) to Parliament so members of the special committed would already have materials to analyze. By mutual decision, the Parliament cancelled plan to write a letter to president SBY in regard to indifferent attitude of 8 minister to dissect the BPJS Bill. Discussion of the BPJS Bill was delayed as agreement was not arrived at between the government and house in relation to the substance of the bill. House wanted the bill to be some sort of regulation, while the government wished the law to be Stipulation. House wish to Compromise House would continue to compromise in relation to one-sided termination of discussion of the Bill of social Welfare Management by government as representative by Minister (minister of finance, Min of Law and Human Rights, Min. of Health, Min of Transmigration, Min of BUMN and head of Bapenas). This was disclosed by Marzuki Alie upon receiving the Federation of Indonesian metal workers (FSPMI) at Parliament’s meeting room.

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