Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bill on Geospatial Information, a Solution In Responding To The Recent Earth Problems

Indonesia as the targets archipelagic country in the world that has a high potential of natural resources needs an accurate geospatial map on information which could easily be accessed by the public. This matter was conveyed by member of House’s Commission VII, Bobby Adhityo Rizaldi during a meeting with the Minister of Research and Technology.

Geospatial information is to prevent mistaken information overlapping that may result in legal uncertainty, inefficiency of development budget, and ineffectiveness of information. Geospatial information could also provide information about spatial matter which is very important for performing the proper action fastly for prevention of natural disasters. For example, floods that threaten Jakarta and its surrounding areas are threatened as well as the size, height of the area, total population, etc so that the necessary evaluation, evacuation plan, and logistic plan can be performed.

And, the bill on geospatial information is expected to maintain the wholeness of the United State of the Republic of Indonesian as it provides the borders areas in each city, as well as ach province. Considering the high demand from the government, private or individuals, the geospatial information could also be used to solve poverty problem, areas where bird flu is found, traffic congestion, etc. this bill should be passed into law.

It is expected that the geospatial information bill could answer public demand, and it will support the government and the society in the processes of planning, implementation, and evaluation. The integration of the bill nationally is expected to provide easiness in accessing administrative performance and to maintain wholeness of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

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