Sunday, 1 March 2015


The Minister of foreign Affairs Retno P. Marsudi stated that Indonesia’s foreign policy would be focused on four Indonesian migrant workers and involvement in international economic diplomacy.

It was the economic diplomacy which was to be developed by the Working Cabinet, because the way it had been matters were not exercised comprehensively including involvement of related ministries. The Ministry had made political investment in some countries like to help maintain peace in restless countries like to help maintain peace in restless countries, helping to sell foreign products in Indonesia but notas yet followed by business activities.

Ideally political investment was done by diplomacy or even in reverse. Businessplayers were asked to report their business activities abroad which could be used as material for Economic Diplomacy.

“For example purchase of Boeing aircrafts from the USA and Airbus from the Europe in large number by Lion Air could be used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support export of CPO to America’s and Europe’s market,” he said.

He nearest agenda was commemoration of 60th Anniversary Conference in Bandung in April. Steakholders were asked to benefit from this momentum to foster the spirit of South-South Asia Africa Conference in the AA Business Summit.

By region the application of Asean Economic Community on January called for attention. Since joining AFTA. PEC etc bilateral trade balance between Indonesia and other countries kept swelling.

It proved that Indonesia was only regarded as export destination for other countries. Instruments like non tariff barrier etc was adopted one sidedly by other countries.

Indonesia’s premium commodities like CPO, paper material, rattan, wood and by products were always the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attention. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked companies to give the latest information if there were issues that held back export procedures.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs A.M. Fachir stated that to support national economic diplomacy, every Indonesian embassy abroad which numbered 140 must have a professional Trade Attache and window display exposing products offered.

In case of UKM products, the Ministry was ready to prepare information materials of the product offered including translation into the local language of the destination countries. One of the magazines was called “Invest” published by the Ministry.

The first edition of “Invest” featured bamboo products like palm oil, herbals, garments, crackers etc would be circulated as information instrument.

Promotion of product would be exercised by on-line beside print media. In this case business stakeholders we asked to support this on line business information project by opening access to their website.

Chairman of KADIN Suryo Bambang Sulisto supported effort of Economic Diplomacy by the Ministry of foreign Affairs in terms of sending trade missions, consolidation of diplomats in terms of product and marketing knowledge.

KADIN was asking support of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in facing non tariff barrier which had been used by buyer countries.

KADIN was asking support in terms of legal certainty in doing business in Indonesia so as not to serve foreign investors better than local investors.

KADIN was asking for a roadmap of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the aspect of which country the products was addressed, what are the product benefit and who were the contact persons in the counterpart countries. (SS)

Business News - February 4, 2015

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