Thursday, 12 March 2015


In the effort to increase trade volume, the Ministry of Trade was enhancing collaborations, such as with Pakistan with whom Indonesia booked surplus of Rp.1.8 billion. “We believe that Pakistan could serve as business entry gate to Central Asia,” this was disclosed by the Dir Gen of PEN Nus Nuzullia Iskak in Jakarta on Tuesday (10/2). The statement was made after receiving Representative of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and Pakistan Rice Exporter Association (REAP). The delegate was led by Senior Vice President of KCCI and REAP. The delegation was led by Ibrahim Kasumbi.

The meeting which was held by collaboration of the Director General of PEN in Karachi; showed that Karachi had strong desire to be engaged in business with Indonesia. “The momentum must be grabbed by Indonesian businesspeople. Moreover, we already had Preferential Trade Agreement with Pakistan.” She said. Karachi was a busy business center in Pakistan. Various commodities entering Central Asia started with the Karachi Harbor. Karachi would be highly potential to Indonesia.” He said.

In the past Karachi was one the capital city of Pakistan where the main harbors were located. Karachi was also the center of industry in Pakistan and Karachi airport was one of the busiest airport in Asia. Beside increase of trading in Karachi enabled Indonesia to aim at 23,7 million target of Karachi population and 183 million people which was the 6th largest population in the world Karachi could also serve as entry gate for Indonesia’s export to South Asia including other land locked countries in Asia like Iran and Afghanistan.

In that opportunity the Karachi Delegation invited Indonesia to participate in the “My Karachi Oasis of Harmony” expo to be held in April 10-12-2015. Through this expo, the Karachi delegation expected Indonesia businesspeople to foster closer trade relationship with businesspeople in Karachi. Today trading trend grew positively by around 25.36%.

In 2013 total Indonesia – Pakistan trade volume was posted at USD 1.584 consisting of non oil gas trading USD 1,583 billion and oil gas trading USD 450 thousand while export of Indonesia’s non oil gas commodities to Pakistan was posted at USD 1,414 billion and from Pakistan to Indonesia USD 168 million.

Accumulatively through January-November 2014 total of Indonesia – Pakistan non oil gas trading was posted at USD 2.076 billion broken down as: Indonesia’s mon non-oil gas export USD 1.938 billion and import USD 137 million. Hence Indonesia still posted surplus of USD 1,801 or increasing by 65.19% against same period of 2013.

Indonesia’s export to Pakistan through January-November 2014 was: Palm oil and it’s by products, non-chemically modified (HS 1511); nuts nesoi, fresh or dried (HS 0802), coal briquettes, avoids etc mfr from coal (HS 2701); Yarn (new sew thread); synthetic staple fibres, not retail (HS 5509); and artificial stable fibres, not carded, combed etc: Riuce (HS 1006); citrus fruit; fresh or dried (HS 0805); leather of animal nessoy; no hair nessoy (HS 4107); and fish, frozen (no fish fillets or fish meat) (HS 0303). (SS)

Business News - February 13, 2015

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