Thursday, 12 March 2015


The Indonesian economy in 2014 grew by 5.02% growth occurred in all business fields/ information and Communication is a business fields which experienced the highest growth at 10,02%, followed by Corporate Services at 9.81%, and Other Services at 8.92%. The Indonesian economic structure according to business field in 2014 was dominated by three main business field, namely Manufacturing (13.02%), Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (13.38%), Wholesale-Retail Trade; and Automobile-Motorcycle Repair (1.38%).

Data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), obtained on Thursday (February 5), stated that in term of the creation of sources of economic growth in Indonesia in 2014, Manufacturing sector has the highest source of growth at 1.01%, followed by Wholesale-Retail Trade, Automobile-Motorcycle Repair, and construction by 0.66%, respectively.

In terms of expenditure, economic growth in 2014 of 5.02% occurred in all components. Consumption Expenditure of Non Profit Institutions Serving Households (LNPRT) is a component that experienced the highest growth of 12.43%, followed by Household Consumption Expenditure by 5.14%, and Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF) at 4.12%.

The structure of the Indonesian economy in 2014 according to expenditure, was dominated by Household Consumption Expenditure (56.07%), followed by Gross Fixed Capital Formation (32.57%), and export of Goods and Services (23.72%).

Viewed from the creation of sources of national economic growth in 2014, Household Consumption Expenditure Components (PKRT) has the highest source of growth at 2.79%, followed by Gross Fixed Capital Formation at 1.34%.

Spatially, Indonesia’s economic growth in 2014 occurred in all provinces. The highest growth occurred in West Sulawesi province at 8.73%, followed by Jambi Province at 7.93%, and South Sulawesi Province at South Sumatra, Bangka-Belitung Islands, Papua, Riau, East Kalimantan, and Aceh.

Indonesian economic structure in 2014 is dominated by java at 57.39%, followed by Sumatra at 23.16%, and other islands at less than 10% (E)

Business News - February 11, 2015

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