Thursday, 12 March 2015


The Ministry of Industry and HKI Industrial Estate Association fully supported masterplan of Cilamaya harbor development in the effort to make it an alternative harbor to the existing harbors. As disclosed by the Ministry of Industry Saleh Husin in Jakarta on Thursday (6.2), a number of business people who factories were located along the industrial estates by in Karawang and Cikampek, West Java expressed their grievances about difficulty in using logistic in that zone due to fast growing industry which increased the need for sound infra Structure especially access to harbors.

“With the increasing number of industry in West Java, the only way out to solve traffic density problem was to build an alternative harbor which was indispensable. Now cargo transportation from factory to harbor could only be done once a day instead of three. The Cilamaya harbor to Tanjung Priok harbor, and the Anyer harbor in Banten.”

“We leave the master design of the harbor to the Minister of Transportation. Soon when the harbor was completed and be part of logistics line nation wide. The Ministry of Industry would be involved in it and traffic congestion would be reduced” Saleh remarked.

Separately after making audience with the Ministry sometime ago, chairman of HKI Sanny Iskandar expressed his hope and expectation. “We are most concerned about the role of Cilamaya harbor. We don’t have the authority to build Cilamaya harbor like the Ministry of Transportation, but the Cilamaya harbor would be most beneficial for industrial estates in West Java” he said.

Soon when the Cilamaya harbor was ready Subang would also be benefited because the location was potential for industrial estate location. We believe that Subang had the potential for building 5 industrial estates of various dimensions from 200ha, 1000ha or even 2,000ha. At least Subang would developed like Bekasi and Kerawang as it had become part of a toll road corridor.

Against Special Tariff Increase

Today space in Karawang was getting limited, so with the development of Subang, connectivity would be closer. The type of industry might vary depending on the investors; it could be textile industry, or garment of automotive and supporting as well as electronics the way it was now developing in the corridor of Bekasi up to Purwakarta. Consumer goods were potential commodities to be developed in Subang.”

In another opportunity Chairman I not GINSI Capt. Subandi stated that GINSI objected to Anguspel tariff increase by 20% as result of oil price increase of 30%. They could only approve increase of 15% although anguspel continued to increase price by 20%.

“By signing the consensus, GINSI do not acknowledge the tariff declared by Organda Anguspel. Therefore the Tarif is categorized as illegal. We from GINSI ask there shall be no tariff increase as before, or there must be no tariff increase considering that oil price have been lowered by the Government. The Government even plan to lower price of Solar oil,” Subandi explained. (SS)

Business News - February 11, 2015

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