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1. Oil & Gas and Non Oil & Gas Imports

Indonesia’s import value in January 2015 amounted to USD 12,591.5 million, down USD 1,843,0 million (12.77 percent) compared to December 2014. The increase in import value was due to a decline in oil & gas and non-oil & gas imports by USD 1,274.1 million (37.59 percent) and USD 568.9 million (5.15 percent), respectively. The decline in oil & gas imports was due to the decline in crude oil import by USD 349.7 million, oil products by USD 855.3 million oil (38.55 percent),  and gas by USD 69.1 million (32.29 percent).

When compared to the same month in the previous year, Indonesia’s import value in January 2015 decreased by USD 2,324.7 million or 15.59 percent. Decline occurred in oil & gas imports by USD 889.5 million (7.83 percent). Further decline in oil & gas imports was due to a decline in imports of crude oil, oil products, and gas by USD 295.5 million (32.75 percent), USD 971.8 million (41.61 percent), and USD 167.9 million (53.68 percent), respectively.

2. Non Oil & Gas Imports by 2-Digit HS Group of Goods

In January 2015, the value of Indonesian non-oil & gas Imports reached USD 10,476.1 million. Compared to December 2014, two of ten main classes of goods of 2-digit HS codes experienced increase. Both classes of goods are vehicles and parts thereof by USD 13.9 million (3.30 percent) and waste from the food industries by USD 35.2 million (19.04 percent). While, the other eight groups of goods experienced a decrease in import value.

Of the eight groups of goods which experienced a decline, two of them fell above USD 100.0 million, they are cereals by USD 121.3 million (33.78 percent) and iron and steel by 105.8 million (12.11 percent). While, articles of iron and steel fell between USD 50.0 and USD 100.0 million, i.e. USD 67.5 million or 17.30 percent. Five other classes of goods that ell below USD 5.0 million are plastics and articles thereof by USD 41.2 million (6.30 percent), organic chemicals by USD 37.9 million (6.89 percent), machinery and mechanical appliances by USD 10.6 million (0.52 percent), cotton USD 8.8 million (3.91 percent), and electrical machinery and equipment by USD 2.3 million (0.17 percent).

3. Non Oil & Gas Import by Main Countries of Origin

The total value of Indonesian non-oil & gas imports in January 2015 amounted to USD 10,476.1 million, an increase of USD 568.9 million (5.15 percent) from December 2014. Similarly, non-oil & gas imports from thirteen major countries fell 6.52 percent (USD 577.9 million) due to the decline in import value of several major countries, like China USD 237.2 million (8.09 percent) and Thailand USD 115.5 million (15.47 percent).

Based on the role to total non-oil & gas imports in January 2015, ASEAN accounted for 20.48 percent (USD 2,145.9 million), followed by European Union 9.68 percent (USD 1,013.7 million). While, thirteen major countries of origin provided a role of 79.03 percent where China as the largest importers with a contribution of 25.73 percent (USD 2.695,5 million).

Business News - March 4, 2015

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