Thursday, 26 March 2015


The total area of mangrove forest in Indonesia was posted at 3.74 million ha or 25% of world’s total mangrove expanse, of which only 2.85 million ha were in the state of favorable, the rest were being damaged.

Hilman Nugroho, the Dir. Gen. of River Management and Social Forestry, Ministry of environmental Affairs and Forestry, made the Statement. Damaged mangrove forest came to 1.08 million ha or 29% of total mangrove forest.

The main cause of damage was refunctioning of land for embankments, settlements, infra structure building and home wastage and yet mangroves had its important role economically and ecologically for shrimp and crabs cultivation and other sea bio life.

Therefore the eco system must be safe guarded. The unaffected virgin mangroves must be protected from damage while damaged Mangroves must be rehabilited. The process of mangrove rehabilitation takes time and patience because the fruits would not be visible in 5 – 6 years.

The Government had issued various regulation to enhance rehabilitation of mangroves. The Ministry of Environmental Affairs had helped formation of Regional Task Forces in 25 provinces and 21 regencies cities. Mangrove rehabilitation and 21 regencies cities. Mangrove rehabilitation by the Government had covered 31,000 ha of mangroves.

Mangroves must be safeguarded because of its high carbon content. To change mangroves into embankments means to cause sizable glass house effect.

The carbon content of mangroves was 5 times that of tropical forest. Therefore to protect mangroves means to maintain climate cycle in Indonesia and Indonesia could apply for carbon trading trough mangrove cultivation.

On of the ways to protect mangroves was by exercising proper space planning in coastal areas and to step up permit procedures for the communities. For information, mangrove could also serve as medium to mitigate the effect of Tsunami in some locations where the condition of mangrove was not too severely damaged. (SS)

Business News - March 6, 2015

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