Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Surabaya-Jakarta Container Transportation Service to be Carried by Train

Inter-provincial container transportation service such as between Surabaya-Jakarta and return, would in time to come not just be served by sea transportation but also by train. The transportation company which had been appointed to carry out the task was PT Berlin Jasa Terminal Indonesia [BJTI] based in Surabaya.

PT BJTI as subsidiary company of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III at Tg Perak Harbour Surabaya which served freight forwarding services, had set up joint cooperation with PT Kereta Api to render container transportation services from East Java to Jakarta or other provinces by using railway transportation. The initial service had been carried out by a chain of carrier trains on May 2, 2009, transporting thereby 40 boxes of containers measuring 20 feet from Surabaya to Jakarta in an overnight trip. The journey started from Prapat Kurung Kalimas station in Surabaya, arriving at the station at Jalan Pasoso at Tg Priok the next day.

Rachmat Satria, President Director of PT BJTI stated that the transportation of containers in every alternative days from Jakarta as well as from Surabaya. If all went well, the frequency would be increased to daily operations, operating two chains of carriers each day. In the premiere I service, the tariff imposed by PT BJTI harbour to harbour [Tg Perak-Tg Priok] was decided at Rp. 1.25 million per box measuring 20 ft [fully packed] which was cheaper compared to transporting by truck or waterways. Transportation by truck might cost Rp. 3 million with the risk of late deliveries due to irregularities on the way.

The advantage of containers transportation by train was, beside being faster was also safer and well secured from highway criminals, this was not to mention the advantage of punctuality, connectivity and synchronization with the shipping schedule at Tg priok harbour Jakarta.

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