Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Socialize Consumption of Minyakita

Minister of Trade, Mari Elka Pangestu, continued socialization of low-cost cooking oil Minyakita in Jakarta under corporate social awareness program with prices at Rp. 7.000/liter, in adjustment to the average increase of prices of cheap cooking oil that has reached Rp. 9.000/liter.
In the same opportunity, 500 liters of Minyakita were under partnership between government and national oil producers sold in Johar Baru market, Central Jakarta. Sales of Minyakita in Jakarta were done intensively (once a week) and would continue until June 2009. this activity would continue until October 2009, and Minyakita would be sold commercially.
Commercial prices of Minyakita will be left to market meaning that the prices will be above prices of cheap cooking oil but below prices of branded cooking oil.
In daily tender of local CPO held in AKPB PT PN on May 11, the prices formed were Rp. 8.910/kg (FOB Medan/Belawan and Dumai) or increased from prices in the tender held on May 8 which were at Rp. 8.834/kg (FOB Belawan/Dumai).

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