Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Minimum Standard of Service Fulfilled, some Toll Road Sections to Adjust Tariff by August

Some toll road sections would have tariff adjustments by next August. This was based on Government Regulation PP no. 15 year 2005 [BN no 7217 page 118-148 etc] on toll roads. For that purpose the Government was now making evaluations and auditing of those road sections, among others the Tangerang-Merak toll road. Head of the Toll Road Management [BPJI] Nurdin Manurung, disclosed this matter last week in Banding.

In order to implement the tariff adjustment the related investors were obliged to step up their services in the said sectors whereby to meet the requirements of the Minimum Standard of Service [SPM]. This implied that the new tariff would only be effective if the related sections had fulfilled the SPM.

According to Nurdin, there were still some toll road sections the SPM standard of which were low and needed improvement, such as the sections of Cipularang, Surabaya-Gresik, Pondok Aren-Serpong, Tangerang-Merek, and Makasar Toll.

Responding to the issue, the President Director of PT Marga Mandala Sakti Wiwik D. Santoso stated that to meet the SPM quality standard he now was in the process of repairing damaged roads in some sections of Tangerang – Merek toll road. In addition to that he was also actively building fences and asphalt covering on the sections of Cikupa – Balaraja Tangerang extending for 72 km long this very year.

Meanwhile the Director of Operations of PT Jasa Marga [Persero] Tbk Adityawarman promised to fulfill the SPM quality standard set by the BPJT, among others by improving surface flatness, safety, and drivers security as well as building environmentally friendly rest areas.
Upgrading of toll roads were also exercised by PT Citra Marga Nushapala Persada [CMNP] Tbk, on the section of Cawang – Tanjung Priok and Waru – Juanda. Hudaya Ariyanto, Director of Operations of CMNP, also promised to add more CCTV which were useful to monitor traffic activities. By the aid of this system it was expected that all control over all activities and occurrence on the road could be centralized.

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