Sunday, 10 May 2009

April 2009 Deflation Posted at 0.31%

The development of various commodity prices in April 2009 generally showed a downturn. Base on Board of Statistics BPS in 66 cities on April 2009 there was a deficit of 0.31%, or a downturn in Consumer Price Index [IHK] from 114.27 in March 2009 to become 113.92 in April 2009. Inflation rate in Calendar year [January – April] 2009 amounting to 0.05% whilst inflation rate “year-on-year” [April 2009 against April 2008] was 7.31%.

Deflation was due to lowering of prices as shown by lowering of index in food category 1,33%, and garments category 1,70%. Meanwhile the commodity groups which had an increase of index were ready food, cigarettes and tobacco 0.40%; groups of housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel 0.12%, health group 0.34%; education, recreation and sports 0.05% and transportation, communication of financial services 0.07%.

Some commodities having a downturn through April 2009 were among others: gold & jewelry, chili, red chili, rice, chicken meat, onions, spinach, longbeans, fresh fish, preserved fish, young corn, kang kung, vegetable tomatoes, fruit tomatoes, and iron-steel. Meanwhile, the commodities having an upturn were potatoes, lemon, papaya, frying oil, rice with filings, sugar, filter cigarettes, house rent, household fuels, servants salary, physician service and cars.

In April 2009, the commodities which contributed to deflation were food 0.31%, and garments 0.12%. Meanwhile, commodities which contributed to inflation were ready food, beverages, cigarettes and tobacco 0.07%, housing 0.03%; groups of health and transportation, communication and financial services 0.01% respectively. Groups of education, recreation and sports were relatively stable this month.

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