Sunday, 10 May 2009

Policy on Decision of Tally Tariff to be Re-evaluated

Evaluation on the policy of tally tariff [recording and counting of goods traffic or containers] would be carried out by the Directorate General of Sea Transportation by re-evaluating, after the Department of Transportation reviewed the tariff in line 2 at the Tanjung Priok Harbour particularly in forwarding services, warehousing and import containers. The re-evaluation was in line with Law no 17 year 2008 [BN no. 7669 page 18-108 etc] on sailings and the Decision of the Minister of Transportation no 17 year 2007 on independent tally.

Presently the Director General of Sea Transportation had instructed to immediately discuss matters whereby tally activities at the Tanjung Priok Harbour could be made clear. Hence it would become apparent whether further clarification was necessary, so that the tariff formation might determine the ceiling and bottom price. The objective was to maintain a healthy competition among service providers, such was disclosed by the Secretary General of the Department of Transportation, Bobby Mamahit.

In addition to that, evaluation was also necessary with the critics of the Commission of Business Competition Supervision [KPPU] on tariff decision at Tanjung Priok Harbour which had been agreed upon by a number of associations at the harbour. Since there was allegedly kartel practices [recording or counting of traffic flow of goods or containers] which were being investigated by the Directorate of Law Enforcement of KPPU.

The clarification process was now underway by sending for several involved parties related to Depalindo’s report. The clarification would be accomplished within 60 days or by May 15, 2009 next; in the event that more time were needed, the clarification period could be extended, although presently what had been reported by Depalindo on indications of monopoly, was still not proven.
However, KPPU still called for the Government’s interference in the decision of Tally tariff which was prone to driving kartel practices, this was disclosed by the Director of Communication, Commission of Business Competition Control, Ahmad Djunaedi.Meanwhile, the harbour administration of Tanjung Priok would re-invite all related associations of service providers and users at the harbour. The objective was to find the best solutions to tally tariff problems. An inventory would be made to pinpoint the problem and find the solution. According to the Administration of the Tanung Priok harbour, Susetyo Widayat Hadi, in the near future he would call for more inputs from the related associations at the harbour.

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