Sunday, 10 May 2009

Enhancement of Protection and Rights Security for Indonesian Migrant Workers Abroad

The Government called active participation from the Associations of PPTKIS, PPTKIS and partners abroad to encourage Indonesia’s migrant workers to claim for their voting rights, especially in the Presidential election which would be held in July 2009.

The Department of Manpower in cooperation with the Electoral Commission [KPU] could use their rights to vote wherever they were in the next election. With active participation of all stakeholders it was expected to run a democratic feast that was good, orderly, safe, and smooth for the success of the nation.

This was disclosed by the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Dr. Ir. Erman Suparno MBA, Msi upon dialogue with the Association of Employment Companies for Indonesian Migrant Workers [PPTKIS] in the office of Depnakertrans Friday [24/4]. This meeting was held to enhance the protection and securing the rights of Indonesian migrant workers abroad.

The Minister of Labour and Transmigration up till now Indonesian migrant workers overseas numbered around 5 million people. Therefore a close coordination was called for from all parties in managing, securing and protecting Indonesian migrant workers to obtain their basic rights, their labourer’s rights and as well as political rights.

In the legislative election last April, the Government had maintained coordination with fellow ministers in managing manpower affairs in destination countries whereby to permit Indonesian migrant workers in retaining their political rights and to assist in running the election process.
The same step would be taken in the second election [the President election] whereby to execution would be properly conducted.

In addition to the above the Minister of Labour and Transmigration called for active participation of the PPTKIS, PPTKIS associations and partners overseas to help and ease procedures for Indonesian migrant workers to have their political rights as Indonesian citizen in the next presidential election.

By coordinating with the Electoral Commission, the Minister of Labour and Transmigration urged associations and PPTKIS to ensure that migrant workers who were still at the dormitory or on the way to departure could use their political rights – whilst for Indonesian migrant workers who were abroad, the Minister called for participation of PPTKIS to publicise and provide facilities and convenience to them.

Meanwhile in regard to the global economic crisis which hampered nearly all countries those where Indonesians work as migrants, the Minister hoped that the crisis effect were not too severe on the workers. The Government and PPTKIS associations were obliged to find solutions that Indonesian migrant workers might continue to work at least until their contract expired.

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