Sunday, 10 May 2009

Additional Capacity for Indonesia Stock Exchange

Additional capacity for trading activities to become one million transactions per day would be exercised on Monday [27/4]. The management of Indonesian stock exchange [BEI] stressed that the stagnant of yesterdays’ activities was not because the system was not fit but because the system was vulnerable to external factors. The problem was, that the system was closely related with the system of the members.

The occurrence of yesterday was that lopping of the sales order of Trimegah Securities reached 220 thousand times. This was followed by withdrawal resulting in doubling to be 440 thousand times Saction had been imposed on Trimegah for the occurrence. “This proves that risk management of Trimegah were not effective, because in fact such should not happen.
Last week the same things happened with Trimegah. But we have talked to them and they said that things are straightened out” such was disclosed by Erry Firmansyah, President Director of BEI.

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