Sunday, 10 May 2009

Law Proposal on Sustained Protection of Agricultural Land Might Anticipate Global Food Crisis

Member of the Special Committee for Law Proposal for Sustained Agricultural Soil, Bomer Pasaribu stated, presently and excessive re-functioning of land was going on, around 148 million ha/year of land changed status from agricultural land to non-agricultural, Degradation of Agricultural lands were happening faster than the rehabilitation process.

The Law Proposal for Protection of Sustained Agricultural Soil might serve to anticipate global food crisis. This law would regulate all alterations of land functions including the sanctions to be enforced to law breakers regardless of their high ranks or positions.

Quoting the data of the Department of Forestry, Indonesia’s land areas was 192 million ha, consisting of cultivated land 123 million ha [64.5%], and conservation areas 67 million ha. Meanwhile of the potential agricultural areas was 101 million ha, only 47 million ha remained and the expansion potential was 54 million ha [consisting of 50 million ha Wt climate and 4 million ha dry climate], 36 million ha land areas for food staples or plantation, 15 million ha for rice fields and 5 million ha for livestock.

According to Bomer, we were suffering from severe global food crisis, while on the other hand we were now self-supporting in food/rice. The Law Proposal for Sustained Agricultural soil had become a National Legislation Program [Prolegnas]. This was one of the 288 law proposals to be passed within 5 years in the MPR legislative in 2007. In 2008 the draft of this law proposal was completed and accepted by the parliament as a law proposal of the Parliament initiative, whereby the Parliamentary convention had ordered Commission IV of the Parliament to pass the law.The Law Proposal on the Protection of Sustained Agricultural land was included in the national legislation [Prolegnas] Other law proposals which were part of the PROLEGNAS were among other ib law, Susduk, etc.

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